Self-Talk Intervention using Alexa

I’ve always wanted to tackle the issue of self-talk as a powerful way to reprogram our subconscious. For this project, I started tracking my self-confidence for a week.


What is Self-Talk? 

Based on the book “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”Self-talk is a way to override our existing programming by replacing it with conscious, positive new directions. This also transpired after a week I have decided to track my confidence level, why and what I did about it.

Tracking Self-Confidence (Week of 2/27)

2018-02-27 HOME 2 Failing to keep up with work for UX class defeat Read Designing for Growth Book
2018-02-28 HOME 3 Starting to feel better, installed Alexa at home and summoned to play music. Cool stuff! starting something pays off Using Woebot on messenger
2018-03-01 CAFE 4 Excited for this weekend’s events! Going to a concert i need to rest!! Reward! No work tonight
2018-03-02 ITP 5 2/3 final project done!!! I can sleep tonight! ITP community is awesome Listen to Lauryn Hill ALL DAY!
2018-03-03 CAFE 4 Somehow, I realize I don’t need more time, I just need focus and a jolt of creativity Dressing up helps in feeling good Watched video of Anil Dash “The Web We Lost”


Users need a way to reprogram their way of thinking as they go about their daily lives.

HOW MIGHT WE: What if we could reprogram our brains in such a way that we could have a double the amount of self-confidence and twice the amount of belief in the outcome?


Annie, 29, Brooklyn, NY

Looking for an intervention about the way I view things and boost my self-confidence.

Annie has been working as a finance associate for 5 years and switched careers from finance to tech. Annie started to work at an Impact Investing firm, and she felt out of place and finds herself self-conscious, being the only female engineer in a team of men. She’s looking for resources to boost her self confidence. She found a book like “What to Say When I talk to Myself” but has no time; She’s in need of a more practical approach to coaching.

PROPOSAL: Feminist Self-Talk Bot: The Idea that transpired from tracking self-confidence

This self-confidence tracker was a gift that keeps giving! Alter Iggy was born.

108px copy.pngAs an intervention tool, I started working on an Alexa skill that reinvents the method of Positive Self-Talk.

If you have a hiphop singer, feminist bot as a bestfriend, what do you want to ask her? Using the empowering messages of the rap lyrics of Lauryn Hill, Alter Iggy is designed to learn positive self-talk.






I’ve documented 2 very basic dialog flow intents below that I was able to publish on my Amazon Echo:


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