Proposed Topics

Topic of Interest:

  1. Sensory Overload. I want to understand basic user interactions that help prevent us from getting distracted.
  • How Technology Is Warping Your Memory
  • Ground my research in EdTech
  • How finding these interactions can help in education like a memory toolbox for students
  • Fragment is an app that uses mind maps to help students remember things through tagged media content

2. Safe Spaces for women of different backgrounds

  • A social experiment using personal data, and discomfort of showing a daily POV video of the user.
  • Safe Spaces Seen is a 30-Day peek at the lives of 3 women who come from different backgrounds.
  • Using a wearable camera to document their activities
    • They have agreed to capture data using voice and 10-second video
    • Tell a story based on patterns observed
    • By the end of the project, the author would like to curate a digital visualization to identify what safe spaces mean for the participants

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