Knitting with Morse Code

I’ve always loved the simplicity of morse code and wanted to incorporate that into a scarf I plan to gift my sister when she visits this November. She is having her first baby April of next year! I used a morse code translator online, and used phrase we both like from an ee cummings poem:

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 1.31.10 AM
“I Carry Your Heart” in Morse Code


Knitting Pattern:

Using a basic Knit one row, Purl one row stitching pattern, the idea is to use one purl stitch for a dot, and 3 purl stitches for a dash. For each space I would knit a stitch. For each letter, I use one row. I’d like to use one color for this pattern so that the purl produces a subtle effect and not look as if it was an error. If that doesn’t go well, I can use two colors so that the purl is more obvious.

Using Google Sheets, I created a sketch of the swatch :

pattern 1.png

Screenshot of poem
Each letter translated in dots and dashes

I realize that it’s starting to look like a QR code and I thought, it’s wild that Morse Code could be a building block of a QR code. I was not so much a fan of it, so I added white space in between the rows:

pattern 2.png

The google sheets pattern can be found here

How to decode the scarf

In keeping this gift analog, I would add a card with it that talks about the secret message being hidden in the scarf and print a small cheat sheet of morse code with all the alphabet. There will also be instructions on how the one stitch equates to dots and 3 stitches equates to dashes.

The swatch would be added to the edge of the scarf, so the wearer will be reading it from the edge of the scarf as the starting point.


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