Anger Flanker: Update Wks 1-2

Working with Asynchronous Serial Comm, we tested: 2 force sensors Ultrasonic distance sensor Basic P5.js code – Xposition, Ypostion… Z … More

Anger Flanker

Anger Flanker is an anger-relief arcade game that is a digital space for players to vent their anger through punching, … More

Halftones and Hues

The challenge for this week’s homework is to do anything but a video mirror. I wanted to explore more p5 … More

The wheel of women in tech

Just learning about data visualization, I found a starter code created in vanilla javascript courtesy of Engin Arslan. From here on, … More

Objects and Arrays

Learning how to learn. I may have heard this phrase so many times for weeks now! The most painstaking part … More

Moire Pattern on p5

I tried to play with more “for loop” here while incorporating functions. It was a bit tough but with more … More

Delaunay Triangulation

Creative Coding seemed easier than my first troubling encounter with jQuery and native Javascript. It’s usually harder during the first … More